Monday, 22 August 2011

Here comes the rain again !

After a glorious couple of days it's now peeing down. We're on a 'yellow warning' down here on the South Coast with copious amounts of rain expected and maybe a bit of thunder and lighning thrown in for good measure. I hope they cleaned out those storm drains !

So, to cope with the distinct 'autumnal' feel I've bunged a beef stew and dumplings in the oven and spent the day baking cakes (choc chunk muffins, raspberry muffins and honey cake). I shall have to hide some of these in the freezer before they disappear !

 I did manage to pick these before the rain started ......

The weekend was a superb one, seeing family members and spending precious time with my close family - something which doesn't happen very often since we moved here. I think I'm going to change that !

The luau party went without a hiccup and 23 7-year-olds had a fantastic time. One cute little lad said to my neice "this is the BEST party I've ever been to" ! Bless him !

The cake was amazing ....... it looks far better than my poor quality pic and tasted divine ! I've never had chocolate cake like it !

It was made by of Ely, Cambs ...... check them out, their cakes are out of this world ! Not only are they a cake shop but they are a delightful tea room as well ......... bonus !

Just before I shoot off for my stew ...... nom nom nom ! ......... a quick wave and thank you for joining to the new followers xx

It'll soon be giveaway time :0)


Mimi and Tilly said...

Lovely jubbly! Your feast looks really tasty! Em x

Vix said...

Glad everything went well! What an absolute feast! x

daisychain said...

I really want cake now!

Claire said...

we didnt get a lot of rain, just constant drizzle, it wa sreally dark today though!