Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday's aren't so bad .....

Finally, the sun came out today just in time for me to get out and do a bit of picking/harvesting. 4 bags of spinach and a decent amount of gooseberries that'll do for a crumble tomorrow, that's me happy ! The strawberries don't even make it to the house I'm afraid, the kids are forever in my planters searching for the hidden red gems.

 Mind you, we've got some real whoppers this year !

I've been very good today and hauled my rather large behind down to the gym. After a bit of a weight gain on the scales (health reasons deem it necessary for me to watch my weight), I need to start eating healthily again and make sure I do plenty of exercise. You don't get to lose 5 stone and keep it off without a bit of hard work, I've learned that much over the last 10 years or so ! I do tend to yo-yo a bit but have now accepted that's me and I'm always going to want that cookie or bit of cake (home-made of course!) and as long as I work out regularly, I'm also beginning to realise I can actually have it without feeling too guilty.

Managed to snaffle a few bargains at the local supermarket earlier this evening, got there at the right moment just as things were being reduced. It's been a while since I've ventured out on a yellow-sticker hunt. With 6 of us to feed and weekly hikes in basic food stuffs, I shall have to go hunting whenever possible.

The gym has left me feeling tired (I must have done something right !) and I'm looking forward to a relaxing bath and starting a new book before bed.


Vintage Vixen said...

My strawberries tend to get snaffled by the tortoise before we get a look in!
If you get a minute have a look at the "Mimi and Tilly" blog in my side bar, Emma's lost a stone and a half and her positive and philosophical approach to dieting is an inspiration. xxx

Claire said...

oh i'm jealous of your strawberry patch!