Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I'm gutted ! I fell in love with a pair of shoes on Ebay, bid and won and now they've arrived ...... yep, you guessed it ....... they're too bloody small ! I'm a size 6 so bidding for these beauties seemed a sure-thing.

Anyway, I've made my friend really happy. Sent her a picture and asked if she could give them a loving home for me. I'm pretty sure they'll fit her, she's a 5. I feel like one of the ugly sisters who couldn't get her foot into the glass slipper !

Talking of giveaways, the lovely Danni has a rather cute scarf and other items up for grabs, all she wants to know is what is your least favourite bit of clothing - I nearly said the red shoes I just bought ! I'm loving reading her blog and since she's from my neck of the woods, we have something in common :0)

Stock-taking at work is ruling my life at the moment so outfit posts would be rather boring with me in my sexy (NOT!) uniform. Back to normal hours next week so I'll get busy blogging with my most recent purchases (shhhhhhhh don't tell hubby !) The good news is that I had to get smaller sizes in quite a few things


Claire said...

oh no! Gutted! bet your friend is happy though!!

Vix said...

Those shoes are beautiful, I'd be so sad if they didn't fit me. Bet your friend loves you. x

t said...

Too bad the shoes didn't work out.