Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Stocking up!

After a 'heads up' on one of my favourite websites - Money Saving Expert - I hot-footed it down to Superdrug to see if they had any knock-down bargains at my local branch. Hey Presto ! I filled my little boots (well, basket ..) but left plenty for other bargain hunters. My toiletry stash is now replenished with toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gel, mouthwash and shampoo. Total saving? Over £37 ! I paid less than a tenner.

I also got this to try tonight:

It's a night serum and since I have very straw-like dry hair I thought I'd give it a whirl seeing as it only cost me 49p (original price over £7 - yikes !) I'll let you know the results in the morning once I've looked in the mirror - if Worzel Gummidge isn't staring back at me then I'll be happy with it.

There's a lovely smell coming from my oven at the moment, I've been asked to make a birthday cake for a friend's 40th at the weekend. I'll pop up a picture once it's been iced and decorated. Maybe if it's good enough I'll get a bit of interest from people attending and I may get an order or two, who knows?! It would be nice to make a few pennies from a hobby ....... but only if it doesn't look like this ..



Claire said...

wow bargains! i'll have to get down to my local branch and see what i can get! x

daisychain said...

I love MSE, so many bargains to be had!