Wednesday, 22 June 2011


We had our meal out on Sunday evening and all ate a bit too much ! The kids wanted to take Dad to Smith & Western, we've never been before so had no idea the portion sizes would be so huge. However, the food was delicious and cooked to perfection and we'll definitely be visiting again, only next time we won't eat for a week beforehand!

This is what I wore (I thought I ought to make a bit of an effort seeing as it was our anniversary too):

(Skirt: Matalan, Cardigan: free - given to me by my lil sis, Vest top: cheapy from tesco, shoes: DP Sale)

This necklace is a favourite of mine, my daughter bought it for me on Mothers Day with her first ever wage packet. It goes with so many things. As it's quite a statement bit of jewellery, I didn't wear anything else as I thought it might be a bit too much.

The nail varnish is the freebie copacabana Nails Inc colour - excuse the poor effort, I'm crap at painting my own nails !

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daisychain said...

I love that nail colour!