Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tie Die and clay day ......

Tonight is my 'volunteer' evening and we had a smashing time doing tie dye and making clay pots/models. I was very impressed with myself seeing as it's been about 30 years since I attempted to tie dye - the kids were pretty happy with the results too. I just hope they don't all bring their wardrobes in next week to re-vamp !

Paid work is incredibly hard at the moment, retail lead-up to Fathers Day so always a big week for us. But, being so busy is stopping me from snacking and keeping me on the move and I'm sure it'll have a positive effect on the scales next week - watch this space ! I am eating healthily and regularly and feel very much in control, which is a good thing!

I've also had a little 'splash' on some new clothes today. I've had my eye on a top for ages and it finally hit the sale (virtual) rail today. There were a couple of other items that seemed to just appear in my basket too . Now all I need is a night out to wear them.

Work beckons for the next 3 days so I'm not sure if I'll have much to say other than 'I'm tired!' Hopefully by the next post I'll have my new clothes and I might be brave enough to put up a picture of moi ....

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