Friday, 29 July 2011

Cheap As Chips.

It's school hols time and trying to keep the kids occupied is still no mean feat even though they are teenagers ! I do love the long break though, being able to spend so much time together is great and finding new places to visit and things to do is great fun. Obviously, it has to be cheap !

Mornings are usually a breeze as they're still in bed but the afternoons prove a little more difficult, especially when hubby is on nights and we have to be quiet as a mouse until he gets up.

I was feeling a bit lazy so thought a portion of chips on the beach would do very nicely for lunch and kill a bit of time along the way. The littlies managed to sneak in a chocolate dipped ice cream too ! I do like to spoil them occasionally :0)

Tomorrow, we're off to do a car boot sale to try and make a few pennies again. It's supposed to be a glorious day but I think an early start will be in order - they queue at 5am for a 7.30am start at our local one - yikes !

Today's outfit is a real cheapie ! Matalan have a sale on and a quick jolly over to Bognor today for some shoes for my eldest, ended up in a two hour shop-a-thon ! My ebay winnings are depleting fast !

Tunic (no label so I have no idea who it's made by) £1.04 (ebay). Trousers DP (£3 in the sale), Sandals (Matalan sale £5), Bracelets (Matalan sale £1.50), Earrings (Matalan Sale £1), Ring (Matalan Sale £1.50), Headscarf (New Look Sale £1), Necklace bought for me by my darling hubby on valentines day xx

Excuse the really poorly painted toe nails - I can't find my varnish remover !!!! I promise next time they will be pristine and presentable!

Total outfit cost - £14.04 if my maths is right?!

There are more goodies from Matalan too but I'll save them for another day x


daisychain said...

LOVE your ring x

Anonymous said...

Enter my giveaway.

Claire said...

wow that is so cheap!!

Vix said...

Good luck at the boot sale! Loving the sandals. x