Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ok ........ so I'm no David Bailey !

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures I'm about to release ............ you've been warned ! hahaha
I thought I'd be brave and do a couple of outfit posts and all it's really done is confirm my hatred of the camera ! It's really hard to get over the whole body image thing but I'm doing my best. I think this will be a long learning curve (which might have to start with a new camera !) I'll keep plodding along in the hope that one day I may be happy with what I see in front of me. In my defence, I'm no where near as bad as I used to be! This time 2 years ago I'd have run a mile from a camera.

Anyway, enough waffling .......... !!!

Today's outfit - Monsoon Top (charity shop £3), DP trousers (£5 sale), necklace and bangles also DP sale (£2 and £3)

I picked up this dress today in a charity shop for £4. It's M&S (old label) and I took a bit of a gamble on it, wasn't sure if the print would suit, if the length was right or if the belt would go but I think it works? Shoes are my old faithfull wedges that are about 10 years old !

Top DP sale (£5), leggings (ermmmmm can't remember!) Shoes are an Ebay purcahse, I think I paid about £2 for them.

Oh, and the mirror was a car boot bargain to go with the new bedroom - £10. I've been after one for ages so didn't mind paying the price the seller was asking.

Hopefully the wardrobes will be here tomorrow and I can show you all the new bedroom !


Vix said...

You have a gorgeous figure and great taste in clothes! What lovely bright colour combinations and such a tiny waist, too. Well done for being brave. x

Claire said...

i'm thinking i need a full length mirror in my life. Can we see your head next time? lol

dannithegirl said...

My fave is the M&S dress - it looks great on you!


PS - a onesie is an all in one pyjama suit - like an adult babygro! Very comfy but not great for when you need the loo quickly!!