Thursday, 21 July 2011

Going once .......... going twice ...........

GONE !!!!

The auction yesterday was SOOOO much fun ! We arrived (nervously!) at 9.15 am and managed to get a 45 minute dash around the room, picking out lots we liked the look of (there were quite a few!)

Both me and hubby do have quite a 'good eye' (and an element of luck!) but even so, it was hard to know where to begin! There were over 800 lots in total and it was piled up high and cramed into boxes down below. It was a general household auction so you name it and it was there ..... washing machines, wardrobes, tools, garden furniture, chairs, paintings, toys, ceramics, nik-naks etc etc.

Bidding for the first time was a bit of a heart-racing moment (well, it was for hubby, I made him do it all ! hahah) I was most surprised when we won our first lot for the measly sum of £4 !! I couldn't quite believe how little the items were going for ..... wardrobes £4-5, units £10ish, boxes of paintings (of which we got one!) £4-£20, toys £2 a box ...... you get the idea ....... so we thought we might start bidding on a few more items :0) Not having the benefit of viewing some of these items previously, we were bidding blind on some lots ....... maybe a bit stupid????? Maybe not !

I'll not reveal too much at the moment but a little haul of a box of vintage dolls for £16 is so far netting us over £100 on Ebay {does a clappy, happy, wiggle dance around the room} !!! There are other little gems that we have plans for too - car booty maybe?

As Del Boy once said (I think he said it a few times actually) ........... "This time next year we'll be millionaires !"

Here are a few of the pictures from the £4 lot (there were 8 in total, but these are my favourites) .... I don't think I will be parting with any of these as I have plans to pop them up on the very large stair wall once we've decorated.

'The Dead Bird' by Greuze (a print, I don't think it's the original !) The frame is stunning on this. The picture is a little morbid, I wonder if she found the bird like that ? I shall have to investigate a little more on this I think ....

'A Bottle of Mateus Rose and a Baguette' - reminds me of our holiday in france last year :0)

I have no idea as to the title of this painting, it's my favourite one. Vivid colours (not picked up very well by my photo) and such a beautiful scene.

Again, no indication as to the title but reminds me of here on the South Coast and all the fishermen bringing in their catch to the beaches.

Another fishing scene, there seems to be a theme going on here ! Farming is in my blood, not fishing !!!

Will we be going again? Absolutely ! 


High Street Priestess said...

That sounds amazing. I've never been to an auction before but I'm going to look out for one now. Well done on the vintage dolls!

Vix said...

Well done on the dolls, what on earth were they to be attracting so much attention? I'm intruiged.
We went to charity auction in a church hall last year and the prices I paid for stuff was ridiculous, a rare Conran piece (worth over £100) was a measly £2. Mind you people around here have no taste! x

daisychain said...

I've never been to an auction, but it sounds amazing!