Saturday, 30 July 2011

Car Booty (again!)

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning (actually it was still dark !) for the Car Boot.

It was drizzling but I took my chances and went anyway.

I made a nice few £££s (to counteract the Matalan trolley dash yesterday!).

We chatted to some lovely people both on the stalls next to us and had some delightful customers.

And the sun came out !

Plus I went with a boot full and came back with less than half of what I took.

All in all a good day :0)

Here's what I wore (in anticipation of the sun coming out!)

Matalan pink vest top (£1), Tesco white vest top (£2), Matalan Skirt (£3), Balerina Pumps - Charity shop (£3), New Look Bracelet (£1), Necklace - Car Boot sale (50p)

I'm at work all day tomorrow but I don't mind Sundays, a 6 hour day and it's lovely and quiet so I get lots done.

Tomorrow evening will be spent deliberating over what to pack for our forthcoming holiday to Cornwall, I think it might be a case of ..................... !!!!


Alex said...

Haha, that photo could describe every packing session I ever have! I'm hopeless at packing light. I feel bereft without at least half my possessions around me.

Are you going to charity shop the rest of the stuff or save it up for another car boot sale?

Jan xx said...

Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by !

I'll probably charity shop the childrens books - broke my heart getting rid of some of them but there's just no room for a whole library in my house! I'm very lucky, I have bookworm kids :0)

I may squeeze another bootsale in towards the end of the holidays, need to do a loft-clearout so I'm sure there will be lots more to sell! x

Claire said...

ah car boot sales, me and my sis have such a laugh when we do them!

dannithegirl said...

Oh I so need to get my bum in gear to do another car boot, we've got stuff ready we're just too lazy. I can't drive so I can't go it alone. Which one do you go to, in Brighton or further out? x